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Statista data shows that the global sports equipment market will exceed 150 billion dollars. The overseas market of sports and outdoor products ushers in huge business opportunities. How can China, as a big country in the manufacture and export of sports and outdoor products, seize the market of 100 billion dollars? Golf is a popular sport in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. With the participation of more and more middle-class and female consumers, the sales of golf related products continue to grow. According to AMR's forecast, the golf market sales will reach 10.1 billion dollars by 2030.

Todropshipping is the Sourcing-Fulfillment-Dropshipping-Logistics One stop service eCommerce Brand Launchpad. providing international express, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for all kinds of basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, golf, etc. It has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the U.S. special line, the British special line, the Australia special line, the New Zealand special line, the Israel special line, etc. The price is affordable, and the time limit can be 5-7 days for special goods, There are also professional channels to provide solutions for electrified products. It provides independent station packaging, Shopify warehousing, TIKTOK warehousing, FRUUGO packaging, ETSY warehousing, Amazon self delivery and other services.

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Golf Introduction Note
Golf is a sport that uses different golf clubs to hit golf balls into holes. Golf is a sport with special charm, which enables people to exercise their bodies, cultivate their sentiments, cultivate their character, and communicate skills in a beautiful natural environment. It is known as a "fashionable and elegant sport". Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. In the early days, golf was mostly played among princes and nobles. With the popularization and development of golf equipment, golf has become popular among the middle class. In the 20th century, with the establishment of golf rules and systems, international golf events were widely held. In the 1920s, golf was introduced to Asia and golf was introduced to China in 1896, which was marked by the establishment of the Shanghai Golf Club in China. In 2015, the 21st Volvo China Open ended in Shanghai, and Wu Ashun won the championship. This is the first time that China's domestic player won the award of the best player in the European Tour
How much is the first freight of Amazon fba

FBA's first journey is divided into three modes of transportation: sea transportation、 air transportation and express delivery. The pricing methods and prices of the three modes of transportation are different.

Maritime transport is divided into two modes: maritime transport+trailer delivery; Sea+express delivery. Among them、 shipping+trailer delivery shall be at least 1 CBM and charged according to CBM. Ocean+express delivery is 10 working days faster than trailer delivery、 with a minimum shipment of 100KG. The price is also quite cheap、 and charged products can go anywhere.

Air transportation、 usually refers to air+dispatch、 and the FBA special line、 which is commonly referred to in the market、 is generally about 30 yuan/KG. You can ask Todropshipping about the specific price. It usually takes about a week to arrive in the United States、 and it is easier to pay both taxes.

Express delivery refers to the use of international express to deliver products that can't be charged and arrive in four or five days、 but it will be much more expensive and will also require bubble counting.

What are the advantages of the USA special line package

1. Fast aging

Fast time effective、 American special line package is delivered by USPS after landing. All regions in the United States can arrive and sign in within 3-13 days.

2. Fast discharging and good stability

The American special line package is a three-day cargo collection、 direct flight、 and the same day arrival. The special line small bag is the airplane board、 which has fast warehouse arrangement and good stability.

3. High security

TODROPSHIPPING US special line package basically adopts direct flight mode、 including mainland direct flight and Hong Kong direct flight. The advantages lie in less transit times of goods、 no need for multiple security checks、 sorting、 low loss rate and high security.

4. Fast compensation efficiency

Compared with special line logistics、 postal packet、 international EMS and TODROPSHIPPING US special line packet、 the compensation efficiency is fast、 and the compensation can be made within three working days.

How much does Amazon FBA headline charge

The first step of Amazon refers to the process of the seller's delivery from the factory to the Amazon warehouse、 including customs clearance/pre payment of duties and other services.

The cost of the first journey includes freight+tariff. Now the first journey is mainly through express delivery/air transportation+delivery/sea transportation+delivery/railway+delivery. Most of the first journey is through customs clearance+delivery+tariff. Different products have different tariffs and surcharges. The first journey cost varies according to the weight


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