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Statista data shows that the global sports equipment market will exceed 150 billion dollars. The overseas market of sports and outdoor products ushers in huge business opportunities. How can China, as a big country in the manufacture and export of sports and outdoor products, seize the market of 100 billion dollars? Golf is a popular sport in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. With the participation of more and more middle-class and female consumers, the sales of golf related products continue to grow. According to AMR's forecast, the golf market sales will reach 10.1 billion dollars by 2030.

Todropshipping is the Sourcing-Fulfillment-Dropshipping-Logistics One stop service eCommerce Brand Launchpad. providing international express, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for all kinds of basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, golf, etc. It has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the U.S. special line, the British special line, the Australia special line, the New Zealand special line, the Israel special line, etc. The price is affordable, and the time limit can be 5-7 days for special goods, There are also professional channels to provide solutions for electrified products. It provides independent station packaging, Shopify warehousing, TIKTOK warehousing, FRUUGO packaging, ETSY warehousing, Amazon self delivery and other services.

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Golf Introduction Note
Golf is a sport that uses different golf clubs to hit golf balls into holes. Golf is a sport with special charm, which enables people to exercise their bodies, cultivate their sentiments, cultivate their character, and communicate skills in a beautiful natural environment. It is known as a "fashionable and elegant sport". Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. In the early days, golf was mostly played among princes and nobles. With the popularization and development of golf equipment, golf has become popular among the middle class. In the 20th century, with the establishment of golf rules and systems, international golf events were widely held. In the 1920s, golf was introduced to Asia and golf was introduced to China in 1896, which was marked by the establishment of the Shanghai Golf Club in China. In 2015, the 21st Volvo China Open ended in Shanghai, and Wu Ashun won the championship. This is the first time that China's domestic player won the award of the best player in the European Tour
How much faster can special line packet be registered than regular
If you have sent international postal surface mail packages、 you will know that the advantage of surface mail lies in its wide coverage、 many corners can be sent、 but it can be said to be the slowest logistics、 many times it can not be tracked、 and remember that there is no bottom in the process center. The delivery process of registered mail is more clear、 and it will bear certain responsibility for loss and damage、 so it is faster and safer. In terms of cross-border special line logistics、 it is also of similar significance. For example、 TODROPSHIPPING、 which specializes in e-commerce special lines、 has 5-8 working days for registered express mail to arrive in the United States. At the same time、 tracking inspection is supported. In some countries、 it can be re dispatched twice、 while ordinary mail takes 8-10 working days. Not only can it not be tracked、 but also there is no return or compensation service. When you are in a hurry、 if you cannot find a piece、 you just wait. Of course、 the cost of ordinary mail will be cheaper than that of registration.
What are the characteristics and types of international sea shipping

International shipping has the advantages of low transportation cost、 large cargo volume、 long time limit and large shipment volume.

There are two types of international shipping:

1. FCL Freight: one ticket for one container or one ticket for multiple containers;

2. LCL Freight: more than three bills for one container;

Why more and more e-commerce companies choose fulfillment dropshipping

Warehouses provide value-added services、 share business risks、 and e-commerce warehousing agent delivery. In addition to basic warehousing agent delivery services、 e-commerce warehousing outsourcing companies can also provide e-commerce enterprises with a series of value-added services and improve follow-up services. At the same time、 warehouses can bear a series of dangerous losses to e-commerce sellers during the storage process、 and provide reliable logistics support for e-commerce.

We have a professional operation management team、 skilled staff sorting and packaging、 and lower cost express logistics. After the customer places an order、 you only need to push the order to Todropshipping system、 and the warehouse operator will provide one-stop service for sorting、 packaging、 shipping and distribution of goods. In this way、 e-commerce sellers do not have to worry about warehouse and delivery、 and can focus all their energy on developing business and expanding channels.


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