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According to relevant data, emerging markets can be expected in the future, and the combination of supply and demand determines market potential and development growth. Europe and the United States are mature, and emerging regions are growing rapidly. The penetration rate of apparel e-commerce in North America and Western Europe has reached 37% and 30% respectively, accounting for 28% and 21% of the global apparel e-commerce scale. In the past decade, the global demand for apparel e-commerce has increased significantly, and the gap between overseas apparel supply and demand has provided the domestic advantageous supply chain with opportunities to go overseas through e-commerce channels.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, providing professional packaging, warehousing, logistics, procurement, dropshipping and other services for multiple platforms, which can dock independent stations, Shopify, Amazon, AliExpress, vinted, fruugo, crowdfunding platform, ebay, TIKTOK, Pinduoduo cross-border platform, etc., Shenzhen warehousing and warehouse rental is free, pay-per-order, simple and efficient.

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adult clothing Introduction Note
China's apparel cross-border e-commerce industry is in a period of rapid development, and the rapid response ability, scale and cost advantages of the supply chain are the core of brands going abroad. Through the ultimate cost performance and fast demand response, it can cope with the competition against global competitors well. Logistics and marketing capabilities support the implementation of supply chain advantages in global markets. At present, the markets in Europe and the United States are mature, and the market potential in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America is expected.
Difference between FBA headline and straight journey

The first journey of the US FBA refers to the journey that the seller sends goods from the domestic freight forwarder to the FBA warehouse. After the products are delivered to the FBA warehouse and put on the shelves、 the seller can optimize the listing to sell the products、 and the buyer can place an order to ship the products from the FBA warehouse.

Direct delivery means that the seller directly delivers the goods from domestic direct delivery to the buyer!

The seller stores that send FBA can get more traffic from the platform、 self delivery sellers、 and domestic delivery、 and generally less traffic.

How to choose American overseas warehouse

1. Professional team in China and the USA

If the selected American overseas warehouse has a dedicated team at home、 they will consider some problems that may be encountered after the goods are warehoused overseas and avoid it in advance. In this way、 the situation that the goods have been sent overseas but have encountered problems and are not easy to handle is reduced.

2. Warehouse provides insurance

The goods may be lost、 damaged、 delayed、 etc. in the operation process. Some overseas warehouses will introduce various types of insurance、 cargo damage insurance、 loss of parts insurance、 delay insurance、 etc. In case of problems in the warehouse、 these types of insurance will enable the seller to obtain reasonable claims without loss.

3. Scale and hardware facilities

The small American overseas warehouse has its own limitations. For some emergencies that may not be handled well and cause losses to the seller's interests、 it is recommended to choose an American overseas warehouse with complete hardware and software equipment and complete systems.

4. Independent taxation

The protection of tax and law is not only that your process is legal、 but also that of other customers in the overseas warehouse. In a common warehousing system、 only when everyone is legal can it be truly guaranteed.

5. Clear billing method

Not all American overseas positions are reliable. When choosing、 sellers should remember to look for those whose charges and prices are clear and unambiguous.

6. Provide a mature management system

A mature management system includes inventory、 sales order、 inventory and other data reports、 supports barrier free communication between customers、 goods、 overseas warehouses、 and logistics companies、 and provides accurate and timely information.

How many days take to AU Amazon FBA warehouse by air

It takes 12-15 days for goods to be exported to Amazon FBA warehouse in Australia by air! Air+Dispatch is a service that first centralizes air transportation to the local area、 then transfers to the local express delivery and directly delivers to the Amazon FBA warehouse. UPS Air+Dispatch is to deliver UPS by air to the local place. From the Amazon FBA warehouse、 UPS has delivered a batch of your goods

FBA Air+Dispatch: It is transported to the local place by air and then sent to the Amazon warehouse by local express. It is fast and slightly slower than direct delivery. Express delivery is very convenient for warehousing without reservation. At present、 the air distribution on the market is generally double tax payment、 and there is no need to pay customs duties in advance. The cost is also very cheap、 about 30 yuan/kg This method also comes into being with the market demand、 which is still insufficient in terms of formality. Of course、 it is recommended that sellers have their own tax number、 formal customs clearance and tax payment.


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