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China has a long history of producing waterproof clothing. Thousands of years ago, after the founding of New China, with the development of industrial and agricultural production, the potential market of protective clothing, especially special functional protective clothing, including waterproof clothing, has gradually been recognized and concerned by many scientific research and enterprise units, and has invested in research and development. Some professionals are working hard from different perspectives such as material research and development, clothing design, function evaluation, promotion and application. Some have formed the integration of scientific research, production and sales, and a group of professional and technical talents with high level and rich in development have emerged. In recent years, the factories run by villages and towns in some regions have developed rapidly. In addition to rubber coated fabrics, the main materials used are PVC and polyethylene plastic products.

TODROPSHIPPING focuses on cross-border e-commerce warehousing services, providing international express delivery, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for all kinds of waterproof clothing, raincoats, waterproof gloves, and has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the United States special line, the British special line, the Australia special line, the New Zealand special line, the Israel special line, etc. The price is affordable, and the timeliness can be 5-7 days, for special goods, There are also professional channels to provide solutions for electrified products.

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waterproof clothes Introduction Note
Waterproof clothing is a kind of work clothes with water permeability and penetration resistance, including labor protective raincoat, water clothes, aquatic clothing and other varieties. It is mainly used to protect the personnel engaged in water sprinkling, splashing, drainage, aquaculture, mines, tunnels and other immersion operations in water. Including labor protection raincoat, aquatic operation protection and launching operation protection.
Difference of Amazon FBA and third-party overseas warehouse

1. Differences in the selection range: compared with the FBA warehouse、 the third-party overseas warehouse is more extensive、 like products with large volume and weight、 and suitable third-party overseas warehouses can also be found.

2. Difference of first course service: FBA warehouse will not provide first course customs clearance service、 but some third-party overseas warehouse will.

3. Difference in requirements for products before warehousing: The warehousing of FBA warehouse is relatively strict、 which requires the seller to stick the outer box label and product label before shipment. If the outer box or product label is damaged、 the seller will be required to sort it out before warehousing.

The warehousing requirements of the third-party overseas warehouse are not as high as those of the FBA warehouse、 and they even provide sorting and assembly services before putting on the shelf.

4. Differences in distribution after product warehousing: Amazon defaults to separate warehouses、 while third-party overseas warehouses generally place goods from the same seller in the same warehouse for centralized management.

5. Difference in warehousing cost: Generally speaking、 if the volume of goods is large、 the cost of using the FBA warehouse is higher than that of the third-party overseas warehouse.

6. Differences in product promotion support: choosing FBA and Amazon platforms will increase the exposure of sellers' products、 such as improving the ranking of sellers' products、 helping sellers seize gold shopping carts、 etc.、 which will help improve the flow and sales of sellers' stores.

Delivery requirements

1. An order must be created in the company's logistics system (package information must be entered)、 and invoices (3 pieces) and waybills (1 piece) must be printed in the system and delivered to us with the goods;

2. Try not to carry other irrelevant signs、 and suggest pasting signs of fragile products;

3. Fill in the order information correctly in English、 and the name of the article should be as detailed as possible. Do not declare with words such as Gift and Sample; The goods are clothing products、 and the invoice must be detailed (for example、 the name of men's clothing should be men's blouse or men's trousers).

4. Order information can be uploaded in batch using Excel or created through API.

How to choose special line logistics and international express

International special line logistics and international express delivery are common cross-border mail packages for cross-border e-commerce sellers

International express delivery refers to the express logistics business conducted between two or more countries (or regions). Similar to domestic express companies and international express companies、 the main service and timeliness can achieve door-to-door transportation、 customs clearance is fast and efficient、 but the price cost is also relatively high. It is generally applicable to personal mailing of emergency goods、 or cross-border sellers sending goods with high value、 and the cost performance ratio is not high.

Special line express is mainly used to connect cross-border logistics companies with special lines from one country to another、 centralize goods for directional transportation、 and reduce costs through scale effect. Therefore、 the cost performance of international cross-border special lines is much higher than that of international express.

In addition、 cross-border logistics companies that can form a stable transportation scale will not be much slower than international express delivery in terms of efficiency. For example、 I found that the well-known Todropshipping and Daiyou Bao special lines in China take 5-8 working days to reach the United States、 while the reference efficiency of UPS is 4-7 working days、 with a small difference. Therefore、 the cross-border special line logistics has a high cost performance ratio and is suitable for small and medium-sized cross-border sellers to send packages internationally.


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