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The continuous growth of global online shopping users, the high spread of social media and the rapid growth of e-commerce coverage have made parents around the world gradually increase their acceptance and enthusiasm for online shopping. Compared with adults, children in the rapid growth stage change clothes more frequently, and parents will be more active in buying in order to allow their children to wear clothes of the right size. The data shows that T-shirts, baby and children's clothing, sports, swimwear, shirts, and jackets (jackets) will be the fastest growing categories in the global children's wear consumer market in 2022. At present, the best sales in the global children's wear consumer market are baby and children's clothing, pants, athleisure wear, swimwear and shirts.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce logistics services, rich experience in the transportation of clothing, especially children's clothing products, opened a special clothing children's clothing line, cheap price, but also can be bubble-free, domestic e-commerce warehousing and delivery services can help you collect express, packaging, packaging reinforcement, OEM packaging design, dropshipping express and a series of other services, safe and reliable.

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Children's clothing Introduction Note
In recent years, the rapid development of global e-commerce has also made cross-border export e-commerce more and more "hot", taking clothing as an example, global apparel e-commerce revenue will reach 596.52 billion US dollars in 2021. Under the huge market scale, cross-border clothing has unpredictable business opportunities on a global scale. According to Statista, the revenue of the children's clothing segment was $237,975 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.43% per year (2021-2026). The US children's wear market is estimated to reach US$49.566 billion in revenue in 2021, making it the largest market in the children's wear market.
What is a virtual overseas warehouse

Virtual overseas warehouse is the virtual change mode of overseas warehouse. Compared with the traditional overseas warehouse model、 it has less storage costs、 unlimited price close to e-mail.com、 high service quality and local delivery advantages.

The process is as follows: the mainland will print out the final delivery form of the United States or the destination country (the warehouse close to the destination can be automatically selected according to the zip code of the destination)、 and then paste it directly on each small outer box. The seller will pack these small pieces into a large package and send them to our warehouse with a express bill or other first journey solutions such as ocean shipping. Our staff (Todropshipping overseas employees) will unpack the package on the spot after receiving it、 and deliver it to the logistics provider for distribution to the buyer.

At present、 Todropshipping Overseas Warehouse has overseas warehouses in Europe and the United States. It is convenient for shipment、 transit and warehousing、 and is a good choice.

What are the charges for e-commerce warehousing fulfillment dropshipping

Usually、 it is difficult to list the costs of warehousing outsourcing and logistics consignment. Because these costs are closely related to the specific types of goods、 the daily delivery quantity of goods、 warehouse rent and other value-added services、 and the change of each variable will affect the difference of specific prices. A more accurate answer can only be obtained by face-to-face confirmation of all details and clarification of all charges.

The following points determine the cost of e-commerce warehousing:

1. First of all、 in terms of the types of goods、 specific prices need to be determined according to specific goods. For example、 the prices of different types of goods such as clothing、 food and equipment are also quite different. Because the volume and size of different types of goods are quite different、 there are different requirements for storage and transportation、 which will directly affect the specific costs.

2. The daily order quantity is also an important reason for affecting specific expenses. It is conceivable that the higher the daily order quantity、 the lower the price of each order、 which is also easy to understand.

3. In terms of warehouse rent、 it is well understood and relevant expenses are calculated according to the specific location and area of the rented warehouse.

4. Other value-added services、 that is、 some value-added services that can be provided to e-commerce、 such as product packaging replacement、 barcode pasting、 sending SMS and other services.

In order to solve these complicated charging items、 the warehousing and distribution service charges of TODROPSHIPPING are very simple and clear. The fees for goods receipt、 fulfillment、 packaging、 labeling and other services are 4rmb per ticket、 charged by ticket、 without minimum consumption、 warehouse rent and other additional charges. Overseas warehouses can also be rent free for one month、 simple and affordable.

Sellers of AliExpress must have overseas warehouses

It is necessary for sellers of AliExpress to choose overseas warehouse. Why do you say so?

From the perspective of the markets covered by the AliExpress platform、 Russia and Brazil are the main markets for orders. About 60% of the overall order volume of the seller comes from Russia、 and 25% - 30% comes from Brazil or South America、 which happens to be the most difficult regions for customs clearance in South America.

Why choose overseas warehouse?

1. Overseas warehouse sellers can solve the problem of customs clearance of goods. Since it usually takes about a month to arrive in Russia by land transportation from China to Russia、 and also goes through strict customs inspection、 the logistics time is longer. Once the goods have problems、 the loss is not small.

2. Solve the problem of logistics timeliness. Some regions in Russia can achieve the same day or the next day、 which is totally different.

The seller should not want to save costs through overseas warehouse. The seller can sell several dollars more through overseas warehouse、 which is acceptable to customers. Instead、 the seller can achieve higher profits through overseas warehouse.

In addition、 the seller should be informed that the cost of domestic delivery and logistics may reach 500 yuan of freight、 while the cost and freight of 100 yuan of overseas warehouse will be saved a lot.

Therefore、 if the seller of AliExpress has the ability、 he must choose an overseas warehouse to deliver goods、 which can solve many problems for the seller


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