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In the (cross-border) e-commerce field, the cosmetics product market has always been in the forefront, and this year is no exception. The global cosmetics industry data shows that the sales growth rate of multicultural beauty products is twice that of traditional beauty products. The global cosmetics market is worth US $75.1 billion this year, and is expected to grow to US $89.3 billion by 2025. There is no doubt that the development of cosmetics and beauty products in the e-commerce field is rapid. Beauty makeup is a very large range, because it covers a wide range of products, and new products are constantly emerging. The seller's product line cannot cover all of them and find niche markets and products, or focus on a smaller area, such as natural skin care products. This is the right way, and it is easier to do well, so as to achieve success in the beauty e-commerce market.

Todropshipping is the Sourcing-Fulfillment-Dropshipping-Logistics One stop service eCommerce Brand Launchpad. providing international express, international package, international special line, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for various cosmetics, foundation make-up, lipstick, nail polish, beauty makeup, toner, etc. It has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special line to many countries, including the United States special line, the United Kingdom special line, the Australia special line, the New Zealand special line, Israel special line, etc. The price is affordable, and the time limit can be 5-7 days, For special items, there are also professional channels to provide solutions for charged products.

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makeup Introduction Note
Color makeup is mainly applied to the face, nails and other parts. With the change of color, it can endow the skin with color, trim the skin color or strengthen the shadow of eyes and nose to enhance the three-dimensional sense and make it more attractive. At the same time, it can also be used to cover skin defects such as freckles, scars and moles.
What are the transportation pain points of medium and large products

01 Large goods are easily damaged during transportation. Due to the characteristics of large goods such as large volume、 high quality and high value、 it is particularly important to ensure the integrity of the goods during transportation. However、 some overseas warehouses will ignore this. For example、 some overseas warehouses will not provide waterproof packaging for the goods、 adopt professional packaging techniques、 and create protective clothing、 which will cause damage to large goods during transportation due to improper packaging protection.

02 Large capital investment and cost estimation. The purchase cost of medium and large parts is much higher than that of small parts、 which has certain requirements for the seller's capital、 selection、 logistics and other capabilities.

03 In terms of logistics、 overseas warehouses are required、 and the logistics cost accounts for more than 30% of the turnover. Due to product weight、 volume and other reasons、 most large products are shipped to overseas warehouses by sea. After platform orders are generated、 they are directly delivered to consumers from overseas warehouses. The logistics cost of large products usually accounts for about 30% of the turnover、 which is reflected in the following aspects: the length of goods exceeds the standard、 extra long surcharges、 overweight products include overweight charges、 product packaging is too large、 and the size does not meet the standard、 which may lead to uncontrolled logistics costs.

How to send pure battery to logistics

Can pure batteries be sent to the FBA international express line?

Yes 【 Battery liquid channel 】

Channel name

Dutch small bag (sensitive) ---------------- Liquid can be received (without alcohol)、 electronic lighter、 imitation brand、 ceramic cutter、 European and American aging 10-20 days

Dutch electric bag (registered/surface mail) ------ can accept pure batteries、 kitchen knives、 small bottles of liquid

Dutch pure electric bag (promotion) ------------ can be received、 all liquids、 kitchen knives、 and rejected pure electric

European pure electric bag (registered) ------------- mobile power supply and pure battery

Belgium pure electric bag ---------------- washable pure battery

Belgium pure electric bag EU ---------------- washable pure battery

Hong Kong small bag (registered) ---------------- flushable liquid、 paste、 kitchen knife

Meimailbao small bag (registered/ordinary mail) -------- registration can receive paste、 liquid (excluding alcohol)、 knife、 built-in battery

DHL Global Pure Battery Bag (Registration) -------- It can accept ordinary goods、 textiles、 products with batteries、 electronic cigarettes without tobacco、 some mobile power supplies、 pure battery products、 18650 and other small batteries (the power does not exceed 100WH)

What kind of products are suitable for FBA

Which products are suitable for FBA? Is it big or small? Is it expensive or cheap? The products with the following characteristics are suitable for FBA.

1. Products with excellent quality and performance. Such products will not be returned or replaced generally、 which can greatly reduce the loss of sellers.

2. Small size、 high profit products. The product is small in size、 easy to transport and can save costs. However、 it should be noted that the product price should not be set too low. Because the delivery by FBA will incur relevant handling fees and various transaction costs. If the product price is too low、 the profit will also decrease. It is suggested that the price of FBA products should be more than 5~6 dollars.

In general、 FBA is suitable for small and medium-sized sellers of products with excellent quality、 small size and high profits. The advantages of other products are not obvious.


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