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Perfume can sent by express, because perfume are sensitive packaging, so we need to pay attention when shipping internationally, so we need to ship any items internationally, so we need to pay attention, no matter when and where, it can be used as express Selection and selection of this item. Work results can be successfully used for international delivery, to foreign countries.

Perfume is a liquid item, and liquid items are affected by changes in air pressure during transportation, which will affect the vaporization of air transportation and cause explosions, which will affect aircraft, freight and cargo. Therefore, the convenient international freight that carries passengers as air cargo is basically rejected and a small part of the cargo is foreign cargo, and only from the cargo to the foreign country can it reach other parts of Hong Kong.

Dedicated line logistics: Dedicated line logistics are more targeted and cost-effective,  can provide personalized and considerate services. For example, the European dedicated line provides DDP prepaid tariffs, custom clearance tax and other services. For the US special line, the first weight and the continuation weight are small, and the volume weight is divided by 7000. There is a significant price advantage for small goods and bubble goods.

International express channels: At present, there are few international express channels that can send liquids, including UPS express and Fedex express. International express channels are characterized by fast timeliness, high prices and a wide range of mailings, capable of mailing to more than 200 countries and regions. For friends who have higher requirements for logistics timeliness, this type of channel can be selected.

Postal channels: Postal channels such as Todropshipping express, E packet, and Dutch Post parcels all can delivery perfume shipments to foreign countries. Todropshipping express focuses on American road transportation, with fast timeliness, low price and high cost performance. E-Paket can reach major developed countries in the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, etc. Dutch postal parcels, a channel with strong shipping capacity in Europe, can not only undertake perfumes, but also pure battery items, with stable channels and strong customs clearance capabilities.

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perfume Introduction Note

With the increasing importance of social and business etiquette, the fragrance market is also growing. According to the data of the "2021-2027 China Perfume Industry Market Panorama Evaluation and Investment Strategy Research Report" released by Zhiyan Consulting, the global perfume market has developed stableable, and a large number of new brands have emerged. In 2020, the global perfume market  is 22.6 billion US dollars, and according to Chinese customs data, in 2020, China's perfume export value is 12.6 billion US dollars.

Fragrance sales in the UAE have seen rapid growth as consumer confidence rebounds and foreign tourists increase. The UAE has a strong fragrance culture, and local residents, both men and women, love to use perfume. In addition, as a tourist destination, Dubai attracts a large number of tourists from Russia, Western Europe, Africa and other countries and regions, and they are also important

Comparison of FBA headline by air and sea

FBA headline by sea voyage is cheaper、 but it is relatively slow and cost-effective for large cargoes.

However、 if it is a small package、 air transportation may be more cost-effective and efficient.

The specific requirements shall be selected according to the products you transport and the time limit、 which is the most cost-effective

What is the business scope of international air freight forwarding

There are two main forms of air cargo: one is through air freight agency、 and the other is directly handled by the carrier to the airline. As the bridge and link between the carrier and the carrier、 air transport can not only act as the agent of the carrier、 but also handle the carrier's cabin、 consignment、 preparation for consignment、 customs declaration、 handover、 etc. on behalf of the carrier; It can also be used as the agent of the airline to receive goods、 book space、 make master waybill、 and issue the shipping documents of the agency.

First、 most air freight forwarders are very familiar with transport links and relevant rules and regulations、 have extensive contact with civil aviation、 customs、 commodity inspection and transportation departments、 and have the relevant conditions for handling transport procedures. At the same time、 air freight forwarders have branches or agents around the world、 which can timely contact and control the whole process of cargo transportation. Airplanes are only responsible for transportation from one airport to another. Therefore、 it is more convenient to entrust an air freight agent to handle import and export cargo transportation than to directly handle it with an airline.

Secondly、 an important business of the air freight forwarder is to act as an agent for centralized consignment. It is about to merge some goods that are transported separately into a batch、 send the goods to the same destination airport with the same master waybill、 receive the goods by the local agent、 and distribute them to the actual consignee after customs declaration. This centralized shipping method can reduce the freight of airlines、 and both agents and cargo owners can benefit from this service (Consol container、 bubble separation、 etc.).

Thirdly、 for airlines、 they can also make profits through agency business. Although the airline company has to pay some remuneration (freight discount) to the agent、 the agent company has organized a number of sources of goods、 contracted a large number of customers、 centrally checked tens of millions of goods、 saved a lot of manpower、 material resources and time、 and further developed the air transport market. At the same time、 both the carrier and the carrier can get convenient and fast value-added services in the whole process from the freight forwarder、 which can not only save costs、 but also improve efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

Which overseas warehouse can do FBA return and exchange
The FBA return and bid exchange provided by Todropshipping Overseas Warehouse is quite good. Todropshipping Overseas Warehouse Company has been specialized in overseas warehouse and overseas warehouse return and bid exchange for many years now. It has a lot of service experience and good reputation. It is reliable to find the overseas warehouse's needs. The quality of the FBA return and bid exchange service provided by this overseas warehouse is very high、 it is also very responsible for customers、 and it has great advantages in terms of price.

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