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The projection screen is exported to the United States Amazon can send directly through Todropshipping express: the timeliness of the goods is high, the single shipment volume is small, and the weight is within 300KG suitable for FBA express delivery. Our main express delivery methods are UPS red slip / mainland UPS red slip, independent account, same day pick-up, 72 hours arrival.

Projection screen exported to the United States Amazon can be shipped by dropshipping international logistics: relying on the company's resource advantages and CMA, TS, ZIM, NYK, APL, WAN HAI, MAERS, COSCO, EVERGREEN, OOCL, MSC, P&O, K-LINE and other world-renowned shipping companies to establish a good and long-term cooperative relationship, to provide customers with free one-stop logistics services from booking, customs declaration, transportation and local customs clearance and delivery in the United States.

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projection screens Introduction Note

In 2020, the global 3D projection screen market size reached one million US dollars, is expected to reach one million US dollars in 2027, the Chinese market size is growing rapidly, is expected to grow from million US dollars in 2020 to million US dollars in 2027.

Projection screen is one of the most commonly used products in projector peripheral equipment, projection screen is the abbreviation of projection screen; If the projection screen is properly matched with the projector, you can get a high-quality projection effect. Projection screens can generally be divided into two categories: reflective and transmissive; Reflective type is used for forward projection, transmissive type is used for rear projection; The positive projection screen is divided into flat screen and curved screen; Flat screens can be divided into glass bead screens, metal screens, embossed plastic screens, elastic screens, etc. from the texture.

How to do the overseas warehouse dropshipping of super large goods

Because large products are troublesome in the operations such as palletizing and handling of goods、 the quantities are very large、 which requires the overseas warehouse staff to quickly record the warehouse location information of goods when warehousing、 and to quickly find the corresponding goods when outbound to complete the outbound.

Therefore、 we need to use an appropriate overseas warehouse system to cooperate with the management. It is suggested that you can check whether the overseas warehouse system includes such functions as receipt and consignment、 delivery allocation、 and delivery record、 which can help you manage large products more clearly.

The system independently developed by TODROPSHIPPING can complete the delivery forecast and the printing of the delivery order、 and the order number information of the final logistics will also be automatically returned to the system、 without the need for staff to manually upload the order number and manually match the order、 making the delivery easier and more efficient.

Although the proportion of large products in overseas warehouse products has declined、 there is still a lot of demand for them、 so we should pay attention to them.

What are the calculation methods of international air freight

Air freight price calculation method:

(1) Air freight charge weight

According to the provisions of the airline、 when the cargo is small and heavy、 it shall be calculated according to the actual weight; In case of large volume and small weight of goods、 it shall be calculated by volume. A batch of goods consists of several different goods、 including light goods and heavy goods. The billing weight shall be the total gross weight or total volume weight of the whole batch of goods、 whichever is higher.

(2) Air freight price calculation and cost category

1. Rates;


3. The airlines charge the international air freight according to the three regional rates set by the International Air Transport Association;

4. There are four main types of air freight: (1) general freight; (2) Freight rate of special goods or designated goods; (3) Class freight rate of goods; (4) Freight rate of container cargo

(3) Minimum freight

The minimum freight that the airline can accept for handling a batch of goods、 regardless of the weight or volume of the goods、 and the minimum amount that should be charged for transporting a batch of goods between two points. Different regions have different minimum freight rates.

(4) Other provisions on air freight price calculation

All the different air freight rates and charges have the following common points: the freight rate refers to the transfer from one airport to another. It is only applicable to a single direction; Other additional costs are not included. Such as picking up、 customs declaration、 delivery and warehousing expenses. Freight rates are usually published in local currency. Freight rates are generally calculated in kilograms or pounds. The freight rate in the air waybill is based on the applicable freight rate on the date when the air waybill is issued.

How to operate air transportation to Europe Amazon warehouse

The operation mode of shipping to Amazon warehouse in Europe is as follows:

Air transportation+local delivery at the destination、 the freight company collects a certain amount of goods、 the first flight package board flies to the city near the Amazon warehouse in Europe、 Germany、 and the customs clearance company of the freight company completes the customs clearance、 and then the express company delivers the goods to the warehouse; This method is less effective than the first one、 but the freight rate is economical.


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