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First of all, we need to know that scarves are ordinary goods and can be mailed abroad by international express. It is recommended that you find a reliable forwarding company when mailing scarves. Todropshipping is the first-level agent of the four major international express and EMS. , with rich experience, will pack every package for you, and there are many channels, except for scarves, other items can be mailed, and the price is also the official 3-5% discount, which is very convenient.

Of course, due to the characteristics of small size and light weight, the cost of silk scarves will be relatively high if international express delivery is used. For small and light items such as silk scarves, Todropshipping has opened a multi-country special line for small and light items, and the price is low. To 22rmb, the aging can be controlled at about 10-12 days, the customs clearance is convenient, the delivery is to the door, and the cost performance is super high.

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silk scarves Introduction Note

In recent years, with the development of society and the improvement of economic level, people's demand for scarves is increasing, and the processing requirements for scarves are becoming more and more refined. The animal-print scarves that fashion people like to wear are no longer real fur, but have evolved into very soft materials such as silk and cashmere. Qian Bing, the founder of well-known clothing, said that at present, silk scarves have been loved by consumers due to their novel styles and exquisite workmanship, and have become a hot-selling product in the scarf industry.

From January to June 2021, the operating income of my country's silk textile and finishing industry was 30.33 billion yuan, of which the silk scarf processing operating income was 14.875 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.21%. Qian Bing said that silk scarves will become the highlight of the scarf industry in the future.

FBA air distribution and UPS air distribution

The so-called "air distribution" means air transportation plus delivery. FBA air distribution refers to a distribution channel of Amazon. UPS air distribution refers to the time when the local UPS express company picks up the goods and delivers them to the FBA warehouse、 Amazon FBA signs for receipt、 and the overall operation is completed.

American UPS Air Dispatch "、 the first air transportation to the United States、 after being transported to the United States by international air transportation、 and then delivered to the door or designated warehouse by UPS express.

Use FBA to deliver goods. For buyers、 they can quickly receive the purchased goods without logistics problems、 so that buyers can receive goods for a long time、 greatly improving their shopping experience; For sellers、 there is no need to worry about the timeliness of logistics delivery. They can spend more time on product operation and quickly seize the market.

The difference between Matson,ZIM and Yantian Express to US FBA

In the early years、 Matson Mason、 as an enterprise with the background of the US military、 was little known in the market. It was not because of his low popularity、 but because he was busy doing business with the US government and was unwilling to do business in commercial trade. If the US FBA logistics market was not very popular in recent years、 many people might not know this company、 their military background、 the self owned wharf of Long Beach Port、 and the 12 day direct flight to the US from Shanghai to Ningbo Customs clearance stability has become a household name in the market、 so it has also become a benchmark for the US FBA logistics.

ZIM (Star Ship) is not as famous as Maersk、 COSCO、 EVA and other shipping companies in the field of traditional shipping、 but it is also a relatively old shipping company. It failed to capture the market opportunities and missed its first share in the U.S. FBA logistics industry、 but it does not affect its own company advantages. In order to prevent Mason's monopoly in the FBA field He quickly made a strong and powerful counterattack - The NewSpeedyZIMeCommerceXpress (abbreviated as ZEX)、 which was specially tailored for cross-border e-commerce marine cargo、 improved efficiency as much as possible by optimizing the operation process of picking up and returning goods at the port of departure and destination、 and met the demand of cross-border e-commerce customers for timeliness. Therefore、 he has launched a long confrontation with Meisen in the FBA logistics in the United States.

The FBA First Way Logistics Company I have worked with for a long time is Taobo Supply Chain. They have their own companies and overseas warehouses in the United States、 Britain、 Europe、 Canada、 and Japan. They help with customs clearance. It is easy to deliver goods to them. I recommend you to try

How to operate US overseas warehouse dropshipping

Operation process of overseas warehouse:

1. The Seller shall transport the goods to the overseas warehouse or entrust the carrier to transport the goods to the overseas warehouse of the carrier.

This batch of international goods can reach the warehouse by sea、 air or express.

2. The seller manages overseas warehousing online and remotely.

The Seller shall use the logistics information system of the logistics provider to remotely operate the goods stored abroad and update them in a timely manner.

3. Operate the goods according to the Seller's instructions.

Warehousing、 sorting、 packaging and distribution shall be carried out in strict accordance with the Seller's instructions according to the automatic operation equipment of the logistics company's overseas storage center.

4. Update system information in real time.

After delivery、 the system will update and display the inventory status in a timely manner so that the seller can master the inventory status in real time.


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