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First of all, we need to know that scarves are ordinary goods and can be mailed abroad by international express. It is recommended that you find a reliable forwarding company when mailing scarves. Todropshipping is the first-level agent of the four major international express and EMS. , with rich experience, will pack every package for you, and there are many channels, except for scarves, other items can be mailed, and the price is also the official 3-5% discount, which is very convenient.

Of course, due to the characteristics of small size and light weight, the cost of silk scarves will be relatively high if international express delivery is used. For small and light items such as silk scarves, Todropshipping has opened a multi-country special line for small and light items, and the price is low. To 22rmb, the aging can be controlled at about 10-12 days, the customs clearance is convenient, the delivery is to the door, and the cost performance is super high.

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silk scarves Introduction Note

In recent years, with the development of society and the improvement of economic level, people's demand for scarves is increasing, and the processing requirements for scarves are becoming more and more refined. The animal-print scarves that fashion people like to wear are no longer real fur, but have evolved into very soft materials such as silk and cashmere. Qian Bing, the founder of well-known clothing, said that at present, silk scarves have been loved by consumers due to their novel styles and exquisite workmanship, and have become a hot-selling product in the scarf industry.

From January to June 2021, the operating income of my country's silk textile and finishing industry was 30.33 billion yuan, of which the silk scarf processing operating income was 14.875 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.21%. Qian Bing said that silk scarves will become the highlight of the scarf industry in the future.

Can I send pure battery by overseas warehouse

Whether the pure battery products are delivered in small packages or in batches to the United States、 attention should be paid to the packaging. The outer box must be packed in a sturdy cardboard box、 and the batteries exceeding the standard also need to be packed in a knife UN box. Each battery with a large number must be well insulated and packed. The positive and negative poles of all batteries must be in the same direction and cannot be placed at will. The carton cannot be changed. If there is space left、 it needs to be filled with other bubble bags to avoid random shaking of the battery during transportation. The battery express box shall not exceed 10KG; Air freight single container is limited to 12kg - 22kg、 and extra delivery costs will be incurred if it is exceeded.

After the pure battery products are shipped to the United States、 they can be sold on the platform or distributed in overseas warehouses. The overseas warehouse can be stored for one month for free、 and the storage cost can be calculated after one month. Direct delivery from overseas warehouse、 1-3 days to the buyer. Customers can choose American overseas warehouse、 American East Sea overseas warehouse、 American West overseas warehouse and American China overseas warehouse in different regions according to the different orders of the platform stores、 which basically cover the whole territory of the United States. Please note that the overseas warehouse must have the qualification to issue pure batteries on behalf of others、 and the United States has strict requirements for lithium batteries、 dry batteries、 power packs and other products on behalf of others.

As a special sensitive item、 pure batteries must be declared truthfully in the aspect of logistics and customs clearance. If the customs finds that the declaration is not true、 the goods will be detained by the customs. All kinds of information required for the transportation of battery products must be prepared. In general、 for pure battery products、 whether it is the first transportation or the last delivery、 overseas warehouse delivery、 cross-border partners must do enough homework to successfully complete.

Difference between FBA headline and straight journey

The first journey of the US FBA refers to the journey that the seller sends goods from the domestic freight forwarder to the FBA warehouse. After the products are delivered to the FBA warehouse and put on the shelves、 the seller can optimize the listing to sell the products、 and the buyer can place an order to ship the products from the FBA warehouse.

Direct delivery means that the seller directly delivers the goods from domestic direct delivery to the buyer!

The seller stores that send FBA can get more traffic from the platform、 self delivery sellers、 and domestic delivery、 and generally less traffic.

How much is the first freight of Amazon fba

FBA's first journey is divided into three modes of transportation: sea transportation、 air transportation and express delivery. The pricing methods and prices of the three modes of transportation are different.

Maritime transport is divided into two modes: maritime transport+trailer delivery; Sea+express delivery. Among them、 shipping+trailer delivery shall be at least 1 CBM and charged according to CBM. Ocean+express delivery is 10 working days faster than trailer delivery、 with a minimum shipment of 100KG. The price is also quite cheap、 and charged products can go anywhere.

Air transportation、 usually refers to air+dispatch、 and the FBA special line、 which is commonly referred to in the market、 is generally about 30 yuan/KG. You can ask Todropshipping about the specific price. It usually takes about a week to arrive in the United States、 and it is easier to pay both taxes.

Express delivery refers to the use of international express to deliver products that can't be charged and arrive in four or five days、 but it will be much more expensive and will also require bubble counting.


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