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Todropshipping exports American-European series products such as US. hookah customs clearance logistics, European hookah customs clearance freight forwarding, hookah charcoal, hookah pipe, fruit honey hookah, hookah tin foil, disposable cigarette holder and so on. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Germany, Pakistan, Canada, Australia and other countries. Companies adhering to the customer first, forge ahead business philosophy, adhere to the principle of customers to provide our customers with high quality services
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hookahs Introduction Note

The major manufacturers of hookah shells in the world include Al Fakher Hookahs, Starbuzz Hookahs, FUMARIMya HookahEvolution Hookahs, etc. The top five manufacturers in the world account for more than 45% of the market share.

At present, North America is the world's largest hookah watch market, accounting for about 30% of the market, followed by Europe and Asia, accounting for more than 30% of the market

In 2020, the market of Chinese hookah chia will reach XX billion RMB, and it is expected to reach XX billion yuan in 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of XX% in the next few years (2021-2027).

This report studies the production, consumption and import and export of shisha red in the Chinese market, focusing on the global and local shisha manufacturers who play an important role in the Chinese market, and ensuring the sales, income, price, etc. of these manufacturers in the Chinese market. Sales indicators such as gross profit margin and market share. This paper also studies the capacity, sales, revenue and market share of hookah shells of local Chinese manufacturers. In addition, this article has also made an in-depth analysis of the segmented growth of hookah products themselves, such as different hookah product types, prices, sales, revenue, market sales of hookahs with different applications, etc. The historical data is from 2016 to 2021, and the forecast is Data for 2021-2027.

What services can overseas warehouse fulfillment agent provide
The third-party overseas warehouse is the logistics warehousing mode selected by many cross-border e-commerce sellers、 and the domestic reputation is good、 such as TODROPSHIPPING US overseas warehouse. For example、 the overseas warehouse can deliver the goods to the warehouse in the destination country and put them on the shelf. If there is an e-commerce order、 the local delivery can be provided; There is also the Amazon FBA transit replenishment service、 which is to avoid the impact of out of stock on sales and ranking、 and the third-party overseas warehouse can timely replenish goods to Amazon FBA locally; There is also the service of returning goods and changing marks. After all、 it is very convenient to face the problem of returning goods. If you want to sell the goods on the market again、 you must change the marks to pass the application of the platform、 and the overseas warehouse can help you change the marks; In addition、 there are some basic warehousing fulfillment services that require a certain amount of warehousing fees. These overseas warehouse services are commonly used. You can communicate with your overseas warehouse service provider according to your needs.
How to select the FBA head process

FBA first service and Amazon are not responsible for customs clearance and the service of sending goods from China to Amazon warehouse. FBA first service refers to the service of transporting goods from China to Amazon warehouse. There are special services to meet this demand. For example、 Todropshipping has services in South China and East China. FBA should have four delivery methods in the first journey and on the market:

1. Direct delivery; DHL、 UPS、 Fedex and other products are generally priced at more than 20kg. They are fast and suitable for urgent replenishment. In addition、 express delivery is free of reservation warehousing、 but it should be noted that Amazon does not act as the main body of customs clearance、 is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment、 and must do a good job of declaration and tariff advance and prepare local customs clearance importers in advance. In general、 Todropshipping can provide tax number borrowing.

2. FBA Air+Dispatch: It is transported to the local place by air and then sent to the Amazon warehouse by local express. It is fast and slightly slower than direct delivery. Express delivery is very convenient for warehousing without reservation. At present、 the air+pie on the market is generally double tax payment、 does not need to pay customs duties in advance、 and the cost is also very cheap、 about 20-30 RMB/kg.

3. FBA sea transportation first journey: sea transportation+local customs clearance+destination country delivery、 with a slightly longer time limit. The full price does not include tax. It is almost 1000 yuan per square meter. The United States and Britain are cheaper、 while Canada is more expensive. The first voyage of this kind of sea transportation is long and usually takes more than a month. At that time、 it was a trailer that was sent to Amazon. It usually requires warehousing reservation. The operation is more troublesome than express delivery. However、 the price is cheap. If you calculate it as 1CBM=167kg、 it is just a few yuan and 1kg、 which is 1kg cheaper than the express delivery. The cost of 10 cases of 20kg goods and express delivery is about 6000、 but it is estimated that the cost of sea transportation is less than 2000. However、 it has a long time limit and is suitable for non urgent replenishment.

4. Overseas warehouse allocation: put goods in Todropshipping overseas warehouse. One can be used as Amazon FBA. In addition、 it can sell goods from overseas warehouses on other platforms. There are many options for transferring goods from overseas warehouses to Amazon. You can choose express delivery without reservation or trailer delivery. The method is flexible and simple. It can also be replenished more frequently and the replenishment time is short. In addition、 the customs clearance problem has been solved before the goods arrive at the warehouse、 and there is no big problem when the goods are sent from the warehouse to Amazon. In particular、 Amazon FBA will raise prices next year、 and it will also try other platforms、 such as self built platforms、 wish、 and many new platforms. Price comparison: overseas warehouse allocation<first voyage of marine FBA

Limitations of Amazon FBA box weight and volume

The  Amazon headline and head stream warehouse has stipulated that the actual weight of each piece of goods shall not exceed 27KG. However、 the result of length * width * height/5000 should not exceed 27KG.

1. The first Amazon warehouse has stipulated that the actual weight of each piece of goods shall not exceed 27KG. If the unit weight exceeds 27KG、 the goods may be rejected by Amazon. According to Amazon's official statement、 it should not exceed 50 pounds. FBA warehouse. Due to the overweight of goods up to 31KG、 DHL repeatedly delivered the goods for six times without being signed.

2. UPS allows larger box size and weight、 but this does not apply to boxes containing multiple standard sizes of Amazon logistics goods.

3. Each box can only contain inventory from the same shipment number. You must not mix goods from multiple shipments in the same box. You can find the shipment number on the shipment list page. Please ensure that the shipment details listed in your seller's account match the actual shipment shipped to the operation center.


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