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Under the energy crisis, this winter in Europe may be a little cold. More and more Europeans are looking for low-quality, low-energy heating. In the past, a series of heating equipment such as electric heaters and electric blankets were sold in China, and then French President Macron led by example, wearing a turtleneck sweater of the same color in the suit. Macron personally "brought goods" this wave, and the turtleneck sweater sprang up and became the new favorite of the fashion circle.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, specializing in the transportation of sweaters, sweaters, etc., and has developed a European and American large package special line, the volume can be divided by 18000, the American large package special line adopts the first journey of Matson shipping, the end UPS delivery, the overall delivery time is 25-28 days, the European special line can double clear the tax, support super long and oversized items.

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sweaters Introduction Note
Sweater (jersey) is a knitted top woven with wool yarn or wool chemical fiber yarn, also known as wool sweater, wool yarn raw materials are mainly wool, sweaters are very inclusive, not only wool, but also other chemical fiber varieties of chemicals, as well as special animal hair, such as camel hair, rabbit hair, cashmere, yak cashmere and so on. The sweater has a soft texture and good elasticity, which is an ideal warm clothing. Sweaters made of special animal hair are a high-grade variety. After cashmere is combed, it can be spun into more than 16 metric woolen yarn, and the sweater woven with single yarn weighs between 100~150 grams, only a fraction of the general woolen sweater, with good warmth and smooth touch. Rabbit sweater fluffy, soft, with a special style, can be spun pure, can also be blended with wool, nylon, etc., the latter can increase the holding force and strength of wool yarn, woolen sweater is easy to occur felt shrinkage deformation when washed in the washing machine. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out anti-felt shrinkage.
Differences between international logistics special lines and express delivery

The international logistics special line refers to the route channels to specific countries、 such as the British special line、 the American special line and the German special line.

International express delivery refers to the express delivery and logistics business conducted between two or more countries (or regions). The transportation of letters、 commercial documents and articles between countries (or regions) is a means of inspection and release of express mail through border ports between countries and customs. After the international express arrives at the destination country、 it needs to be transshipped again in the destination country to deliver the express to the final destination、 which is called international express.

The transportation modes of international logistics special line include air transportation、 sea transportation、 rail transportation、 land transportation、 etc. The modes of transportation of international express include air transportation、 sea transportation、 rail transportation、 etc.

International logistics focuses on the delivery of large quantities of goods to the destination and reduces costs by means of large-scale transportation; The overall price is lower than that of commercial express; Speed and timeliness are better than postal packets; Low packet loss rate. The timeliness of international express is very strong; High security of goods; Strong customs clearance capability; A wide range of goods can be collected.

What is the US FBA air transportation process

FBA's air transportation process is as follows:

1. Goods preparation: provide goods information、 such as product name、 number of packages、 weight、 box size、 destination and destination consignee name、 address、 telephone、 shipment time、 shipper name、 telephone、 address、 etc.

2. Booking space: the air transport export agency will print the total waybill number、 number of pieces、 weight、 volume and reserve space with the airline according to the designated pre allocation scheme、 flight and date.

3. Warehouse allocation: check the difference between the actual number、 weight and volume of goods and the forecast quantity in the consignment note. The effective use and reasonable allocation of reserved space and crates shall be carried out according to the aircraft type、 crate model、 height and quantity of each flight.

4. Export customs declaration: express customs declaration、 general trade customs declaration、 i.e. tax refund customs declaration、 ATA customs declaration、 etc.

5. Customs clearance: after the customs clearance seal is affixed on the waybill、 it is necessary to sign the waybill at the airline. Only after the confirmation of signing the waybill can the bill and goods be handed over to the airline

How to select products for cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse

If you want to select targeted products for overseas warehouse、 you should first figure out which products are easy to make profits for overseas warehouse、 and then use these standards to find the corresponding source of goods.

Product standards suitable for overseas warehouse include: products with large size and weight; Products with high unit price and gross profit; Charged、 liquid and powder products; High turnover rate of goods or seasonal commodities; For products that are urgently needed for occasional events or festivals、 such as furniture、 household appliances、 sports equipment、 office desks and chairs、 including the hot medical supplies、 the advantages of using overseas warehouses to deliver these products will be obvious.


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