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Under the energy crisis, this winter in Europe may be a little cold. More and more Europeans are looking for low-quality, low-energy heating. In the past, a series of heating equipment such as electric heaters and electric blankets were sold in China, and then French President Macron led by example, wearing a turtleneck sweater of the same color in the suit. Macron personally "brought goods" this wave, and the turtleneck sweater sprang up and became the new favorite of the fashion circle.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, specializing in the transportation of sweaters, sweaters, etc., and has developed a European and American large package special line, the volume can be divided by 18000, the American large package special line adopts the first journey of Matson shipping, the end UPS delivery, the overall delivery time is 25-28 days, the European special line can double clear the tax, support super long and oversized items.

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sweaters Introduction Note
Sweater (jersey) is a knitted top woven with wool yarn or wool chemical fiber yarn, also known as wool sweater, wool yarn raw materials are mainly wool, sweaters are very inclusive, not only wool, but also other chemical fiber varieties of chemicals, as well as special animal hair, such as camel hair, rabbit hair, cashmere, yak cashmere and so on. The sweater has a soft texture and good elasticity, which is an ideal warm clothing. Sweaters made of special animal hair are a high-grade variety. After cashmere is combed, it can be spun into more than 16 metric woolen yarn, and the sweater woven with single yarn weighs between 100~150 grams, only a fraction of the general woolen sweater, with good warmth and smooth touch. Rabbit sweater fluffy, soft, with a special style, can be spun pure, can also be blended with wool, nylon, etc., the latter can increase the holding force and strength of wool yarn, woolen sweater is easy to occur felt shrinkage deformation when washed in the washing machine. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out anti-felt shrinkage.
What about overseas warehouse distribution

Overseas warehouse distribution is a popular way in recent years. The main group is still domestic factory enterprises、 but there are also some cross-border sellers who can provide goods.

To put it simply、 cross-border distribution means that distributors distribute goods from suppliers、 while suppliers do not need to spend a lot of manpower to manage online operations、 promotion and other things.

In the distribution mode、 distributors do not need to manage inventory but only operate online. The supplier only provides inventory、 delivery and after-sales service. Different online management.

This model has great advantages. Suppliers can maximize their warehouse management advantages、 while distributors can concentrate more on their operations.

How to choose a professional Japanese air transport logistics company

Consideration factor 1. Whether the expected delivery time of the goods is consistent with your own requirements

Although the Japanese special line is a good transport scheme for goods to be delivered directly from the current region to the destination、 the main means of transportation and specific driving routes used by the Japanese special line developed by different logistics enterprises are not identical. Therefore、 when choosing the special line in Japan、 enterprises need to confirm the expected delivery time of goods to the logistics enterprises that provide the route in advance. If they find the special line that takes a relatively long time to transport goods、 they should try to avoid it.

Consideration 2. Whether there will be additional costs after the goods are delivered to the destination

Because the charging standards and cooperation process rules of logistics enterprises corresponding to different Japanese special lines are not completely consistent、 some logistics enterprises even require the pickup person to pay a certain service fee after successfully delivering customers' goods to the destination. Therefore、 when choosing the Japanese special line、 the enterprise must understand the charging system from the logistics enterprise in advance、 including whether there will be additional charges during the delivery of goods or after the goods are delivered to the destination、 so as to avoid the impact on the process of goods delivery due to the lack of consensus on costs.

The difference between Matson,ZIM and Yantian Express to US FBA

In the early years、 Matson Mason、 as an enterprise with the background of the US military、 was little known in the market. It was not because of his low popularity、 but because he was busy doing business with the US government and was unwilling to do business in commercial trade. If the US FBA logistics market was not very popular in recent years、 many people might not know this company、 their military background、 the self owned wharf of Long Beach Port、 and the 12 day direct flight to the US from Shanghai to Ningbo Customs clearance stability has become a household name in the market、 so it has also become a benchmark for the US FBA logistics.

ZIM (Star Ship) is not as famous as Maersk、 COSCO、 EVA and other shipping companies in the field of traditional shipping、 but it is also a relatively old shipping company. It failed to capture the market opportunities and missed its first share in the U.S. FBA logistics industry、 but it does not affect its own company advantages. In order to prevent Mason's monopoly in the FBA field He quickly made a strong and powerful counterattack - The NewSpeedyZIMeCommerceXpress (abbreviated as ZEX)、 which was specially tailored for cross-border e-commerce marine cargo、 improved efficiency as much as possible by optimizing the operation process of picking up and returning goods at the port of departure and destination、 and met the demand of cross-border e-commerce customers for timeliness. Therefore、 he has launched a long confrontation with Meisen in the FBA logistics in the United States.

The FBA First Way Logistics Company I have worked with for a long time is Taobo Supply Chain. They have their own companies and overseas warehouses in the United States、 Britain、 Europe、 Canada、 and Japan. They help with customs clearance. It is easy to deliver goods to them. I recommend you to try


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