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Todropshipping shuangqing including tax, the walkie-talkie is issued, the battery aging is stable, and the delivery is completed in 15 days. The following are the shipping requirements and instructions for the channel:

1. Only accept goods within 2KG, size restrictions: length + width + height ≤ 90cm, long side ≤ 60cm.

2. Acceptable: protective products such as masks and hand sanitizer, textiles, battery products, mobile power supplies and other battery products.

3. The declaration must be less than the tariff threshold of the destination country.

4. The European tax threshold is 22 euros, the name of the shipment and the declaration need to be truthfully declared, the declaration is greater than or equal to 18.71 US dollars, and the same recipient name, the same delivery address, the cumulative package declaration on the day is greater than or equal to 22 euros, and the relevant taxes are paid by the sender.

5. You must use our system to enter or our website to upload the recipient information in batches, get the tracking number, and print the packet label and paste it on the goods

There are other rich channels for warehouse logistics and warehousing and logistics, a large number of goods received around the world, including European air freight special line, European sea freight special line, American air and sea special line, Canada special line, Australian special line, Japan air and sea special line, FBA special line, DHL, UPS, FedEx, postal packets, etc.

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walkie-talkies Introduction Note

Intercom is a dialogue system between residents and foreign visitors in residential communities, which is of great significance to the standardized management of the community and the safety of the community. Conversation, video interview between two or more users via walkie-talkie. Such as the intercom system, mainly composed of host, extension, UPS power supply, electronic control lock and door closer. According to the type, it can be divided into direct push-to-click, digital, digital household communication, direct press video intercom, digital video intercom, digital household video intercom, etc.

Walkie-talkie has a wide range of downstream applications, mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway and other industries, with the advancement of science and technology, walkie-talkies are gradually widely used in the security industry. Among them, in China's walkie-talkie application market, the transportation field is the largest demand market, accounting for about 40%; It is followed by the public security and security fields, accounting for about 20%. At present, the seed country has become a global walkie-talkie production and manufacturing country, the products are mainly export-oriented, and the export trade growth trend is obvious, in a surplus situation. Data show that China's imports of walkie-talkies are 360,000 units, and the import value is 50.77 million US dollars; The number of exported units was 18.75 million units, the export value was 414.46 million US dollars, and the trade balance was 363.69 million US dollars.

How does Amazon FBA send the head stream

1. The first preparation is to print the warehousing label in the background during the process of sending it to FBA、 and make sure to print two copies to prevent one from wearing out during express transportation. Seal the barcode with adhesive tape after pasting to prevent abrasion.

2. The outer box must be marked with "Made in China" to avoid problems in customs clearance.

3. The declared value of FBA express goods in the United States should not exceed 800 dollars. If there are many goods with high value、 they can be delivered by several orders without any impact on warehousing. It is safer to declare that the amount is controlled within 800 US dollars per ticket、 but it is not recommended that the amount is about 400 US dollars per ticket. Of course、 if you want to send FBA the first air tax package route、 the freight forwarder will help you to modify the declaration.

4. The British FBA can choose to use the freight forwarding company's vat tax number for customs clearance in its initial stage and early stage、 but in the long run、 it still needs to register its own company's vat to avoid the British government's tax bureau's audit of accounts and fines.

5. For Amazon Japan Station、 we should choose a freight forwarding company with relatively strong strength、 so that the destination tariff will be relatively small and cost pressure will be saved.

6. For overweight goods、 if a box of goods exceeds 22kg、 it is better to paste "HEAVY PACKAGE" on the outer box so that it is easier to put on the shelf.

What are the international ocean bill of lading

1. It can be divided into "on board bill of lading" and "standby bill of lading" according to whether the goods are loaded on board.

2. The bill of lading is divided into "clean bill of lading" and "dirty bill of lading" according to whether the bill of lading is marked.

3. According to whether the bill of lading can be circulated、 it can be divided into "straight bill of lading" and "order bill of lading".

4. According to the mode of transportation、 it can be divided into "drop bill of lading"、 "transshipment bill of lading" and "combined transport bill of lading".

5. According to the complexity and simplicity of the bill of lading、 it can be divided into "full bill of lading" and "simplified bill of lading".

What is the business scope of international air freight forwarding

There are two main forms of air cargo: one is through air freight agency、 and the other is directly handled by the carrier to the airline. As the bridge and link between the carrier and the carrier、 air transport can not only act as the agent of the carrier、 but also handle the carrier's cabin、 consignment、 preparation for consignment、 customs declaration、 handover、 etc. on behalf of the carrier; It can also be used as the agent of the airline to receive goods、 book space、 make master waybill、 and issue the shipping documents of the agency.

First、 most air freight forwarders are very familiar with transport links and relevant rules and regulations、 have extensive contact with civil aviation、 customs、 commodity inspection and transportation departments、 and have the relevant conditions for handling transport procedures. At the same time、 air freight forwarders have branches or agents around the world、 which can timely contact and control the whole process of cargo transportation. Airplanes are only responsible for transportation from one airport to another. Therefore、 it is more convenient to entrust an air freight agent to handle import and export cargo transportation than to directly handle it with an airline.

Secondly、 an important business of the air freight forwarder is to act as an agent for centralized consignment. It is about to merge some goods that are transported separately into a batch、 send the goods to the same destination airport with the same master waybill、 receive the goods by the local agent、 and distribute them to the actual consignee after customs declaration. This centralized shipping method can reduce the freight of airlines、 and both agents and cargo owners can benefit from this service (Consol container、 bubble separation、 etc.).

Thirdly、 for airlines、 they can also make profits through agency business. Although the airline company has to pay some remuneration (freight discount) to the agent、 the agent company has organized a number of sources of goods、 contracted a large number of customers、 centrally checked tens of millions of goods、 saved a lot of manpower、 material resources and time、 and further developed the air transport market. At the same time、 both the carrier and the carrier can get convenient and fast value-added services in the whole process from the freight forwarder、 which can not only save costs、 but also improve efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the industry.


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