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Todropshipping shuangqing including tax, the walkie-talkie is issued, the battery aging is stable, and the delivery is completed in 15 days. The following are the shipping requirements and instructions for the channel:

1. Only accept goods within 2KG, size restrictions: length + width + height ≤ 90cm, long side ≤ 60cm.

2. Acceptable: protective products such as masks and hand sanitizer, textiles, battery products, mobile power supplies and other battery products.

3. The declaration must be less than the tariff threshold of the destination country.

4. The European tax threshold is 22 euros, the name of the shipment and the declaration need to be truthfully declared, the declaration is greater than or equal to 18.71 US dollars, and the same recipient name, the same delivery address, the cumulative package declaration on the day is greater than or equal to 22 euros, and the relevant taxes are paid by the sender.

5. You must use our system to enter or our website to upload the recipient information in batches, get the tracking number, and print the packet label and paste it on the goods

There are other rich channels for warehouse logistics and warehousing and logistics, a large number of goods received around the world, including European air freight special line, European sea freight special line, American air and sea special line, Canada special line, Australian special line, Japan air and sea special line, FBA special line, DHL, UPS, FedEx, postal packets, etc.

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walkie-talkies Introduction Note

Intercom is a dialogue system between residents and foreign visitors in residential communities, which is of great significance to the standardized management of the community and the safety of the community. Conversation, video interview between two or more users via walkie-talkie. Such as the intercom system, mainly composed of host, extension, UPS power supply, electronic control lock and door closer. According to the type, it can be divided into direct push-to-click, digital, digital household communication, direct press video intercom, digital video intercom, digital household video intercom, etc.

Walkie-talkie has a wide range of downstream applications, mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway and other industries, with the advancement of science and technology, walkie-talkies are gradually widely used in the security industry. Among them, in China's walkie-talkie application market, the transportation field is the largest demand market, accounting for about 40%; It is followed by the public security and security fields, accounting for about 20%. At present, the seed country has become a global walkie-talkie production and manufacturing country, the products are mainly export-oriented, and the export trade growth trend is obvious, in a surplus situation. Data show that China's imports of walkie-talkies are 360,000 units, and the import value is 50.77 million US dollars; The number of exported units was 18.75 million units, the export value was 414.46 million US dollars, and the trade balance was 363.69 million US dollars.

Difference between FBA headline and straight journey

The first journey of the US FBA refers to the journey that the seller sends goods from the domestic freight forwarder to the FBA warehouse. After the products are delivered to the FBA warehouse and put on the shelves、 the seller can optimize the listing to sell the products、 and the buyer can place an order to ship the products from the FBA warehouse.

Direct delivery means that the seller directly delivers the goods from domestic direct delivery to the buyer!

The seller stores that send FBA can get more traffic from the platform、 self delivery sellers、 and domestic delivery、 and generally less traffic.

The packaging requirements for air transport of dangerous goods and general cargo
Packaging requirements: the whole or whole bundle of articles that are not afraid of collision and pressure resistance、 and those with rough edges、 sharp edges、 barbs or protruding teeth、 seaming、 and the possibility of damaging mail bags or other mail items、 such as thick iron barrels、 bearings、 steel cables、 etc.、 shall be boxed、 wrapped with thick cloth and fastened with ropes、 or fastened with iron sheets; All edges and corners are smooth、 the surface is flat、 and the mail bag tube will not be damaged. Rope cloth can be used to fasten or wind firmly. Valuables、 such as watches、 pocket watches、 cameras、 gold and silver ornaments、 jewelry、 precious medicinal materials、 etc.、 should be packed in strong and pressure resistant paper or metal boxes or wooden boxes、 and the space in the boxes should be properly filled with soft materials、 and the boxes should be wrapped with tough paper、 or wrapped with cloth.
How to do the overseas warehouse dropshipping of super large goods

Because large products are troublesome in the operations such as palletizing and handling of goods、 the quantities are very large、 which requires the overseas warehouse staff to quickly record the warehouse location information of goods when warehousing、 and to quickly find the corresponding goods when outbound to complete the outbound.

Therefore、 we need to use an appropriate overseas warehouse system to cooperate with the management. It is suggested that you can check whether the overseas warehouse system includes such functions as receipt and consignment、 delivery allocation、 and delivery record、 which can help you manage large products more clearly.

The system independently developed by TODROPSHIPPING can complete the delivery forecast and the printing of the delivery order、 and the order number information of the final logistics will also be automatically returned to the system、 without the need for staff to manually upload the order number and manually match the order、 making the delivery easier and more efficient.

Although the proportion of large products in overseas warehouse products has declined、 there is still a lot of demand for them、 so we should pay attention to them.


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