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For Bluetooth headsets and car audios, which are electronic products with batteries and magnetic properties, they need to pass through the corresponding international express channels or the corresponding special line logistics. Individual car audios, speakers, etc. have strong magnetic properties, so they often need to be shipped. Perform degaussing treatment.

Todroshipping has channels to mail general goods, electronic products, built-in batteries, liquids, dust, imitation brands, food, shoes, clothing products, and delivery areas to the United States, Germany, France, Japan and South Korea, Sweden, Czech Republic, Chile, Singapore and Malaysia Thailand and other countries and regions can provide customers with door-to-door transportation services in terms of DDU/DDP/EXW, including customs declaration at the port of departure, air transportation, express delivery, sea freight to destination, importer agency, customs clearance and tax payment, warehousing and distribution of goods, etc. One-stop delivery service.

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car audio Introduction Note
Car audio refers to the audio system installed in the car. The reason why the system can be called sound, the most basic condition is to have the function of playing back sound. Its anti-interference technology is to use choke coils to filter the interference of the power line between the power supply and the sound respectively, so as to reduce the external noise interference. For the car CD audio system, the most important thing to pay attention to is dustproof. The laser head is the most expensive and most vulnerable part in the CD. Although the car audio has been considered dustproof in the design process, due to road conditions, dustproof needs special attention. Careful maintenance of the audio can effectively prolong the service life of the laser head, and can also make the car audio system guarantee high-quality music playback for a long time.
How many days does it take from Shenzhen to Amazon warehouse
It takes about 4-6 days to get to the United States from Shenzhen Air Express Line、 and then it takes about 3 days to get to Amazon warehouse in the United States. Generally、 it takes about 7-9 days.
How much faster can special line packet be registered than regular
If you have sent international postal surface mail packages、 you will know that the advantage of surface mail lies in its wide coverage、 many corners can be sent、 but it can be said to be the slowest logistics、 many times it can not be tracked、 and remember that there is no bottom in the process center. The delivery process of registered mail is more clear、 and it will bear certain responsibility for loss and damage、 so it is faster and safer. In terms of cross-border special line logistics、 it is also of similar significance. For example、 TODROPSHIPPING、 which specializes in e-commerce special lines、 has 5-8 working days for registered express mail to arrive in the United States. At the same time、 tracking inspection is supported. In some countries、 it can be re dispatched twice、 while ordinary mail takes 8-10 working days. Not only can it not be tracked、 but also there is no return or compensation service. When you are in a hurry、 if you cannot find a piece、 you just wait. Of course、 the cost of ordinary mail will be cheaper than that of registration.
What are the costs of international moving by sea

International moving expenses by sea include the following aspects:?

1. In order to avoid serious damage of goods during transportation、 and to meet the customs clearance requirements、 furniture and other items during transportation、 the professional packaging team needs to carry out customized packaging、 including cardboard、 carton、 pearl wool、 bubble film、 winding film、 wrapping angle、 tape and other materials、 as well as the corresponding packaging and handling labor costs、 which are included in the cost.

2. After the articles are packed、 the packing team of the moving company will transport the packed furniture、 electrical appliances and other personal articles to the local warehouse or the nearest designated warehouse in the port city. The inland transportation costs are also included.

3. Before shipment、 the goods must go through the customs declaration formalities and be inspected by the customs before they can get on board. During this period、 there will be a series of related expenses. If the articles need to be fumigated according to the requirements of the destination country、 there will also be related expenses of fumigation.

4. The cargo at the port of departure will incur relevant port handling、 document and other miscellaneous charges、 and the shipping company will charge corresponding ocean freight during the transportation.

5. The cargo arriving at the port of destination will also incur the corresponding port miscellaneous charges.

6. After the goods arrive at the port of destination、 we will carry out the corresponding customs clearance、 that is、 we can make declaration to the customs of the destination country、 and we can arrange further work after the permission of the customs of the destination country. The performance of customs clearance procedures will also incur corresponding expenses.

7. After the customs clearance、 we will provide you with follow-up delivery services、 which are slightly different according to the requirements of each guest、 basically including placing all furniture in the designated room、 removing the outer packaging、 simply assembling furniture、 and finally removing all the disassembled packaging fragments before leaving.

International moving expenses mainly include departure cost、 sea freight and destination cost. Departure expenses include door-to-door packaging expenses、 domestic transportation expenses within the city、 customs clearance fees、 port miscellaneous expenses (possible fumigation、 inspection and other expenses at the port)、 ocean freight and ocean freight. The destination fee includes customs clearance fee、 port fee、 door-to-door delivery and unpacking arrangement fee.


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