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Operation process of sending the amplifier abroad:

1. Consult online customer service

For friends who want to mail the amplifier, you can consult the online customer service on the official website of Todroshipping or directly call the company phone number to get in touch with the customer service staff to understand the mailing requirements, logistics timeliness, logistics fees and other information.

2. Choose a courier channel

Next, we need to select the corresponding courier channel. Generally speaking, DHL Express has local advantages in Europe, and it is recommended to choose DHL International Express for mailing items to the UK, which is fast in timeliness, low in tariffs and good in stability.

3. Start placing orders offline

After choosing a delivery channel, you can place an order online. New customers do not understand the order process, and there will be logistics specialists to assist you in completing the entire operation. You can directly use your own account and log in to the company's logistics management system to place orders.

4. Wait for door-to-door pickup

After the online order is over, there will be a pick-up team to pick up the parcel, before which everyone needs to prepare the goods to be mailed in order to quickly complete the pick-up operation. If you don't need to pick up the parcel at home, you can also deliver it to the company's business location, or send domestic express to the company's business location.

5. Pay logistics freight

After the goods are retrieved from the company's warehouse, the goods will be weighed, the volume will be measured, and the specific freight of the goods to the UK will be calculated. After paying the logistics freight, the goods can be safely checked and sorted and shipped to the destination country.

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Amplifiers Introduction Note
Amplifier generally refers to the power amplifier, a most basic equipment in the audio system, commonly known as "amplifier", its task is to amplify the weak electrical signal from the signal source (in the professional audio system, it is from the mixer) to drive the speaker to emit sound. It can also refer to other devices for power amplification. The function of the power amplifier is to amplify the weak signal from the sound source or preamplifier and push the speaker to play sound. A good sound system amplifier plays a role. Professional power amplifier physical diagram power amplifier, is the largest family of all kinds of audio equipment, its role is mainly to amplify the weak signal input by the audio source equipment, generate a large enough current to push the speaker for sound playback. Due to the consideration of power, impedance, distortion, dynamics, and different usage ranges and control adjustment functions, the signal processing, line design, and production process inside different amplifiers are also different.
Matson Express of the US FBA shipping reliable? How about the timeliness
Matson fast ship is currently the fastest shipping express in the US FBA shipping industry. The shipping date is six days and three days. The warehouse is closed every Saturday、 and the ship starts next Wednesday. The fixed shipping period at sea is 11 days. Normally、 Meisen Express can sign in about 18 days. It is the preferred shipping express for many cross-border e-commerce sellers. Of course、 the price is also the highest in the US FBA shipping industry、 so Meisen Express is very reliable Of course、 it must be a regular logistics company to send Matson fast ship to you.
What are the transportation pain points of medium and large products

01 Large goods are easily damaged during transportation. Due to the characteristics of large goods such as large volume、 high quality and high value、 it is particularly important to ensure the integrity of the goods during transportation. However、 some overseas warehouses will ignore this. For example、 some overseas warehouses will not provide waterproof packaging for the goods、 adopt professional packaging techniques、 and create protective clothing、 which will cause damage to large goods during transportation due to improper packaging protection.

02 Large capital investment and cost estimation. The purchase cost of medium and large parts is much higher than that of small parts、 which has certain requirements for the seller's capital、 selection、 logistics and other capabilities.

03 In terms of logistics、 overseas warehouses are required、 and the logistics cost accounts for more than 30% of the turnover. Due to product weight、 volume and other reasons、 most large products are shipped to overseas warehouses by sea. After platform orders are generated、 they are directly delivered to consumers from overseas warehouses. The logistics cost of large products usually accounts for about 30% of the turnover、 which is reflected in the following aspects: the length of goods exceeds the standard、 extra long surcharges、 overweight products include overweight charges、 product packaging is too large、 and the size does not meet the standard、 which may lead to uncontrolled logistics costs.

How to select products for cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse

If you want to select targeted products for overseas warehouse、 you should first figure out which products are easy to make profits for overseas warehouse、 and then use these standards to find the corresponding source of goods.

Product standards suitable for overseas warehouse include: products with large size and weight; Products with high unit price and gross profit; Charged、 liquid and powder products; High turnover rate of goods or seasonal commodities; For products that are urgently needed for occasional events or festivals、 such as furniture、 household appliances、 sports equipment、 office desks and chairs、 including the hot medical supplies、 the advantages of using overseas warehouses to deliver these products will be obvious.


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