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Operation process of sending the amplifier abroad:

1. Consult online customer service

For friends who want to mail the amplifier, you can consult the online customer service on the official website of Todroshipping or directly call the company phone number to get in touch with the customer service staff to understand the mailing requirements, logistics timeliness, logistics fees and other information.

2. Choose a courier channel

Next, we need to select the corresponding courier channel. Generally speaking, DHL Express has local advantages in Europe, and it is recommended to choose DHL International Express for mailing items to the UK, which is fast in timeliness, low in tariffs and good in stability.

3. Start placing orders offline

After choosing a delivery channel, you can place an order online. New customers do not understand the order process, and there will be logistics specialists to assist you in completing the entire operation. You can directly use your own account and log in to the company's logistics management system to place orders.

4. Wait for door-to-door pickup

After the online order is over, there will be a pick-up team to pick up the parcel, before which everyone needs to prepare the goods to be mailed in order to quickly complete the pick-up operation. If you don't need to pick up the parcel at home, you can also deliver it to the company's business location, or send domestic express to the company's business location.

5. Pay logistics freight

After the goods are retrieved from the company's warehouse, the goods will be weighed, the volume will be measured, and the specific freight of the goods to the UK will be calculated. After paying the logistics freight, the goods can be safely checked and sorted and shipped to the destination country.

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Amplifiers Introduction Note
Amplifier generally refers to the power amplifier, a most basic equipment in the audio system, commonly known as "amplifier", its task is to amplify the weak electrical signal from the signal source (in the professional audio system, it is from the mixer) to drive the speaker to emit sound. It can also refer to other devices for power amplification. The function of the power amplifier is to amplify the weak signal from the sound source or preamplifier and push the speaker to play sound. A good sound system amplifier plays a role. Professional power amplifier physical diagram power amplifier, is the largest family of all kinds of audio equipment, its role is mainly to amplify the weak signal input by the audio source equipment, generate a large enough current to push the speaker for sound playback. Due to the consideration of power, impedance, distortion, dynamics, and different usage ranges and control adjustment functions, the signal processing, line design, and production process inside different amplifiers are also different.
Precautions for selecting overseas warehouse

1. Whether there is a professional team in China or the destination Country 

Some overseas warehouses are only responsible for the part after overseas warehousing. Once problems occur、 the goods are already overseas、 which is often difficult to deal with. The overseas warehouse service with a domestic professional team will be standardized before the goods are sent to the overseas warehouse. Overseas warehouse opening by HATO can provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with one-stop import and export customs clearance services、 good customs clearance qualifications、 mature customs clearance experience、 fast and efficient、 to maximize the avoidance of overseas problems、 and also to maximize the avoidance of overseas additional costs.

2. Whether the warehouse provides insurance

In recent years、 some overseas warehouses have become more and more standardized. In order to ensure the interests of sellers、 they have begun to provide various types of insurance、 cargo damage insurance、 loss of parts insurance、 delay insurance and other insurance against cross-border e-commerce pain points. The seller has always been in a weak position. Once there is a problem in the warehouse、 these insurances allow the seller to obtain reasonable claims without losing money.

3. Scale and hardware facilities

It is very easy to understand、 a small overseas warehouse has relatively poor stability、 and an overseas warehouse company with a scale of 5K square meters or even tens of thousands of square meters can hardly close down or disappear overnight. The same is true for the hardware facilities. The perfect hardware facilities mean that the overseas warehouse can provide more efficient and mature services.

Operation mode of overseas warehouse

Basic mode of overseas warehouse: for the first time、 you can prepare goods in small batches to the overseas warehouse、 and then prepare goods according to the sales volume of the platform. The overseas warehouse has an inventory pre-warning function、 which can be distinguished according to different selling levels.

The operation process of overseas warehouse is generally divided into three steps:

First、 the first journey (the domestic customs clearance reserve goods are delivered to overseas warehouses by sea、 air and express).

Second、 warehousing (cross-border e-commerce enterprises carry out remote filing of goods SKU in the system of overseas warehouses、 and other goods are scanned for warehousing and put on the shelf after warehousing).

Third、 delivery at the end of the delivery (cross-border e-commerce sellers place orders in the system of the overseas warehouse in real time after they have orders、 the overseas warehouse issues goods according to the seller's order information、 arranges local postal or express delivery、 and uploads the order number in the system of the overseas warehouse in real time). According to the operation process of Todropshipping overseas warehouse、 there are warehousing fees for warehousing、 and order processing fees and delivery fees for final delivery. If multiple orders are merged into one receiving address、 there are consolidation fees and container change fees.

What is international shipping
International maritime transport is an important and most important mode of transport in international cargo transport. It mainly transports goods by sea through ships and other means of transport. For example、 international shipping is classified by ship type、 including general cargo ships、 bulk cargo ships、 liquid chemical ships、 container ships、 etc.、 and cargo types、 including mineral sand ships、 coal ships、 grain ships、 oil tankers、 container ships、 etc In a word、 international shipping is an indispensable part of international trade

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