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With the increasing number of international freight lines and the operation of international logistics, there is now no problem mailing a computer, even including a laptop, to the United States, but in comparison, we are from Shenzhen

Computers sent to the United States, most of the time is about eight to ten days, and can safely reach the whole of the United States, any city is like arriving in the United States Saipan, Hawaii and other coastal cities, there is no problem, the reason is very simple, because our international logistics mail computer to the United States is a special freight channel, directly to the United States, particularly convenient, and the timeliness is also particularly good, the average time is about 5 to 7 days to reach the United States, So people don't have to worry about whether the international logistics mailing computer will arrive in the United States? The answer is simple, it can be very convenient

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All-in-Ones Introduction Note

With the development of the trend, many manufacturers began to get involved in computer all-in-one computers. The all-in-one computer breaks through the bulky image of traditional computers in appearance, and at the same time is more fashionable in design. The system files of the all-in-one computer are hidden and invisible, not easy to be infected with viruses, and the maintenance cost of the all-in-one computer is low; There is no need to shut down according to the process steps, and the power can be directly turned off without causing system crash.

Data show that the number of printers, copiers and all-in-one machines exported in China in 2021 will be 49995767 units, an increase of 5887797 units compared with the same period in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 13.4%; The export value was 8,321,859,000 US dollars, an increase of 616,953,000 US dollars compared with the same period in 2020, an increase of 8% year-on-year.

Differences between international logistics special lines and express delivery

The international logistics special line refers to the route channels to specific countries、 such as the British special line、 the American special line and the German special line.

International express delivery refers to the express delivery and logistics business conducted between two or more countries (or regions). The transportation of letters、 commercial documents and articles between countries (or regions) is a means of inspection and release of express mail through border ports between countries and customs. After the international express arrives at the destination country、 it needs to be transshipped again in the destination country to deliver the express to the final destination、 which is called international express.

The transportation modes of international logistics special line include air transportation、 sea transportation、 rail transportation、 land transportation、 etc. The modes of transportation of international express include air transportation、 sea transportation、 rail transportation、 etc.

International logistics focuses on the delivery of large quantities of goods to the destination and reduces costs by means of large-scale transportation; The overall price is lower than that of commercial express; Speed and timeliness are better than postal packets; Low packet loss rate. The timeliness of international express is very strong; High security of goods; Strong customs clearance capability; A wide range of goods can be collected.

How about the process of overseas warehouse dropshipping

First of all、 we learned that the overseas warehouse is actually a kind of overseas leased warehouse derived from the service of cross-border e-commerce or foreign trade. The appearance of overseas warehouse has greatly improved the storage and delivery time、 efficiency problems、 logistics costs、 customs clearance fees、 etc. For the seller、 a series of savings and efficiency improvements have made the profit of the seller's own products continue to increase、 followed by a more convenient delivery service One piece consignment of overseas warehouse is divided into one piece consignment of supplier's goods source and self owned goods source to prepare goods for overseas warehouse. After the customer places an order、 the overseas warehouse system issues delivery instructions、 and the overseas warehouse staff receives the instructions、 they are responsible for the final delivery work such as packaging and shipment.

Naturally、 we have some understanding of his process from the understanding of overseas warehouse and one agent:

1. The cross-border foreign trade seller arranges express delivery to deliver the goods to the US warehouse;

2. The warehouse shall count the goods received and put them on shelves;

3. When a buyer places an order on the platform、 the buyer uploads the order in the warehouse system;

4. The warehouse receives the order instruction to distribute goods and deliver goods、 and the American local logistics delivery;

5. The buyer receives the order item.

What express should Canada fba send by headline

Because Amazon is not responsible for the logistics services sent from China to overseas Amazon warehouses、 FBA first service appeared. Amazon fast registration green channel and FBA first journey service are provided. Canada FBA first service has three delivery methods.

Direct delivery; DHL、 UPS、 Fedex and other products are generally priced at more than 20kg. They are fast and suitable for urgent replenishment. In addition、 express delivery is free of reservation warehousing、 but it should be noted that Amazon does not act as the main body of customs clearance、 is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment、 and must do a good job of declaration and tariff advance and prepare local customs clearance importers in advance.

The first voyage of FBA sea transportation: sea transportation+local customs clearance+destination country delivery、 trinity、 ready delivery and ready delivery. The whole price does not include tax. This kind of sea transportation is a long first journey、 which usually takes more than a month. In the local area、 it is sent to Amazon by trailer、 which generally requires warehousing reservation. The operation is more troublesome than express delivery. However、 the price is cheap. If you calculate it as 1CBM=167kg、 it is just a few yuan and 1kg、 which is 1kg cheaper than the express delivery. However、 it has a long time limit and is more suitable for non urgent replenishment.

FBA air transportation first journey: air transportation+local customs clearance+destination country delivery、 trinity、 delivery at any time and delivery at any time、 the whole journey including tax to the door. This air transportation first journey is more effective、 generally about 10-15 days、 and the local transportation is to Amazon by car. Generally、 warehousing reservation is required、 and the operation is more difficult、 but the price is moderate、 and the time is just right. Generally、 air transportation is more cost-effective、 but it is not suitable for urgent goods.

FBA's first sea voyage should be the lowest in terms of price and timeliness. Direct delivery and FBA's first air voyage allocation should be the same


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